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On This page you will find links to recommended accessories for my Piano, Flute and Sax Lessons. Little things like lights, tuners, note stands, stands for sax and flute, and much more. Perhaps these gadgets are good to know for Birthdays/Christmas gifts and make the students practice easier:


Accessories and Gadgets for SAX and Flute Lessons:

Alto Saxophone Stand , (~$24) very portable, foldable with carry bag. I found this after searching very long for a very compact Sax Stand.

Music Stand by Kasonic.  (~$30) Professional Collapsible Music Stand for Music Sheet, Instrument Books with LED light, Paper Holder and Carrying Bag Perfect for Instrumental Performance.



Vshinic Clip on Music Light Stand 9 LED Orchestra Lamp Piano Light,Fully Adjustable No Flicker For Book Reading, Mixing Table, DJ, Craft Work, Travel and More (Powered by AA Batteries, AC Adapter).



NEEWER Adjustable Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand, Compact Mic Stand Made of Durable Steel for Radio Broadcasting Studio, Voice-Over Sound Studio, Stages, and TV Stations.



Sheet Music for Piano/Flute/Saxophone - Method's:

Suzuki Piano School 1,  New International Edition Piano Book and CD, Volume 1

Suzuki Piano School 2,  New International Edition Piano Book and CD, Volume 2

Suzuki Piano School 3,  New International Edition Piano Book and CD, Volume 3

Suzuki Piano School 4,  New International Edition Piano Book and CD, Volume 4



WP32 - The Older Beginner Piano Course - Level 1 – Bastien 

WP33 - The Older Beginner Piano Course - Level 2 – Bastien 

Classic Themes by the Masters - Bastien






Recommendations for battery powered equipment needed to perform on

Farmers Markets, Art Shows and basking:



On many of my performances I got asked, which equipment I am using to create this beautiful echo and warm sound coming from nowhere (My speakers are hiding under the table). On this web-page you can find links to the speakers and microphones and other helpful accessories I am using on my Gig's. Needless to say that it took me years to find the perfect equipment for my performances (Please report broken links back to me!)


1. Battery powered Speakers:


I chose AA-battery powered speakers over build in rechargeable batteries because I have more control and can replace anytime I need. Build in batteries like in the Samson Expedition XP106 did not last long enough for my 5-8 hour long events and sometimes I was surprised to find the internal battery discharged without any reason. I am using IKEA LADDA Rechargeable batteries (8 x AA 2450mAp = ~$14), which have the very similar spec's like eneloop pro (8 X AA 2500mAp = ~$33). Both have 500 recharging cycles! And YES, if you have AC available, all of these speakers plug into the wall.


The Roland Micro Cube Bass RX Battery-Powered Bass Combo Amp (~$280) is very portable and has a great bass to enhance my play-along tracks. Powered by 6 AA batteries lasting 6-8 hours makes it ideal for my long performances on Farmers/Flea-markets and Art-festivals where sometimes is no power available and medium volume is required. I used this speaker many times for weddings in the Sedona Red Rock Country.

The Roland BA-330 (~$600) is my work horse for most bigger events. I am using this speaker also as mixer and in combination together with my two Roland Micro Cube Bass for compleatly battery powered set-ups. The BA-330 has a build in reverb and delay which can be enabled or disabled, which comes handy if you hook up a keyboard and two mic's. I am using the BA-330 also as mixer for my self-powered JBL Eon Speakers on big events and big stages where I have to be loud. See the picture below:


On my Wish-List is the Roland Keyboard Amplifier KC-220 (~$380). If one of my other 3 speakers breaks, I will replace it with the KC-220, which is a crossing between the BA-330 and the Miro Cube Bass and only a hundred dollars more. I researched it very good, watched many video reviews and think it is a smaller version of the BA-330, worth trying! Here is the back view:


2. Digital Delay:  

I am using on stage the Boss DD-7 (~$160) and the Boss DD-3 (~140) as backup. Because they are not cheap I also tried out the Behringer Delays (~$40), but they are very noisy and eat batteries much too fast. There is no quality difference between DD-7 and DD-3, but some more functions:



3. Microphones and Wireless System:  

There are 3 clear Microphone recommendations in the order of my choice:

A) Sure SM 58 (~$100) is a classic, stage approved by million users and the simplest solution. You need also a Microphone Stand (~$20) and XLR to 1/4 mono cable (~$15). Just remember that it has to be 1/4 mono for the Digital Delay to work!

B) After using many cheaper wireless systems and having them break down, have channels be occupied or distorted and being unable to perform on them, I chose the Sennheiser ew 112P G4 (~$600, reaches 300 feet) or the newer digital version Sennheiser AVX (~$700, reaches only 100 feet)  which runs on a license-free transmitting frequency in digital and secure encryption. They both have the Omnidirectional Lavalier ME 2 Lavalier Mic (~130) which is included in the package, but it will break after some years.

Replacement parts for Sennheiser ew 112P G4: Replacement for MIC for ME2 is Pro Lavalier Lapel Microphone JK MIC-J 044 (~$30 instead $130). Replacement cable from ew112p receiver to DD-3 Hosa CMP-105 1/4 inch TS to 3.5 mm TRS Mono Interconnect Cable, 5 feet ~$5, instead $45 for original).

C) The most affordable Microphone setup is Audio-Technica ATR-3350IS Omnidirectional wired Lavalier Mic (~$30). The mic runs on a LR44 battery, so have some spare batteries with you! It is not the best quality, but works great for live performance and I have one always with me, just in case for back-up. To make it work, you need an 3.5 stereo to 1/4 mono adapter. Just remember that it has to be 1/4 mono for the Digital Delay to work!See picture below:


4. Setup Overview:

How to connect Microphone or Audio Technika Lavalier Mic to Digital Delay Boss DD-7        

From the DD-7 OUTPUT to the AMP/Speaker you can use an 1/4 instrumental cable in mono or balanced, or a XLR male to 1/4 cable. DD-7 settings are 200 milliseconds or 800 milliseconds.

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Listen to VIBHAS CDs


 published August 20th 2019

Echo from the other Shore


Instrumental CD presenting Native American Flutes over Latin rhythms, Guitar, Piano or as a solo instrument. My music is inspired by traditional Native American Songs, Latin percussion, classical training and the beauty of the Southwestern Desert.



Light On The Path - Instrumental Music CD by Vibhas: Piano Solos, Native American Flute Songs and Soprano Saxophone



Instrumental Music on Native American and East Indian Flutes and Piano solos



Longing - Instrumental Music CD by Vibhas: Native American Flute Songs over Piano Accompany, Latin Rhythms or Nature Sounds



Instrumental Music on Native American and East Indian Flutes over Latin Rhythms



VIVA VIBHAS - Instrumental Music CD by Vibhas: Romantic and meditative Piano Solos, haunting Native American Flute Songs and smooth Latin Jazz Soprano Saxophone Songs



Instrumental Music on Native American Flutes, Piano solos and Soprano Saxophone songs over Latin Rhythms



Flowers of the Dawn – Devotional Songs and Chanting by Prasado (voice) and Vibhas Kendzia (all instruments)



Voice, Native Flutes, Piano and Keyboard

Songs of love and beauty surround you… With these songs we want to capture our intimate feelings of being present to the moment. The sweet conversation between flute and voice, the play of sound and silence.



This link forwards you to my SHOP - MEDITATION CD on CD-BABY



This CD with Tibetan sound bowls can help deepen your meditation, be useful as a sleep meditation and help you relax after a long day as you allow the sound and vibrations to move through your body releasing tension, renewing your feeling of well-being



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