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Chakra Sound Meditation

by Vibhas Kendzia

Released 2016
Released 2016
This is a Meditation, in which the music guides you through your chakras. Recorded with Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Percussion, Piano, Keyboard and Synthesizer and are fine-tuned to the specific energy bodies.
This Chakra Sound Meditation is a MUSIC guided Meditation (no voice):

The compositions of the Chakra Sound Meditation have been recorded with Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Percussion, Piano, Keyboard and Synthesizer and are fine-tuned to the specific energy bodies and chakras that they are created for. Each track is a Sound Meditation that can be enjoyed with toning or by simply listening to it. This sonic environment invokes an infusion of light into our subtle bodies, brings realignment and enhances well-being.
The music resonates with the octave of sound, the color spectrum of our aura and stimulates self healing and relaxation by transmitting awareness and light into the essential state of our human energy field.

A special thank you to Komala Uta Rhode founder of "Sound Resonance International" for teaching and guiding me to create this beautiful Meditation.

Chakra Sound Meditation
These two sound meditations have been recorded with singing quartz crystal bowls and are designed to infuse light into the chakras and subtle bodies, to help realign your energy.

The first meditation follows the ascending path from the first to the seventh chakra.

1.Chakra: C relates to red, the root chakra, grounding and energy.
2.Chakra: D relates to orange, the second chakra, contentment and feeling.
3.Chakra: E relates to yellow, the solar plexus, strength and individuation.
4.Chakra: F# relates to green, the heart chakra, space, empathy and nature.
5.Chakra: G# relates to blue, the throat chakra, communication and understanding.
6.Chakra: A relates to royal blue, the third eye, seeing things as they are.
7.Chakra: A# relates to violet, the crown chakra, transformation, beyond dualities.
8.Unconditional Love: B relates to magenta, above the crown, the potential,
beyond separation.

You will hear each note for approximately 3 minutes. The second meditation contains the same notes, only this time you are being guided
through the descending path, beginning with the note of B, down to the first chakra, ending with the note of C.

Sit comfortably and relaxed, preferably close your eyes. Listen to the sound of the music and begin to sing or hum the tone you are hearing. Feel and breathe into the area of the chakra that you are toning with and allow your-self to be filled and re-energized by this vibration.


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